The Main Stage at MineVention sees the YouTubers and guests take to the stage for Q&A sessions throughout the event. Hosted by our very own MC’s, the question and answer sessions are always hugely entertaining and really open up conversations between the YouTubers themselves and of course the audience!

The audience members are invited to ask questions of their favourite stars, whether it’s "what is their favourite block to use?", "who will they be collaborating with in the future?", or "how did they come up with their YouTuber name?". The unique opportunity of being able to direct their questions to the YouTubers that come from all over the world in real time as opposed to online is an incredible opportunity for fans of Minecraft and is incredibly rewarding for attendees.

The Q&A sessions allow for interaction with the YouTubers and guests that creates an extra dimension for the event and their experience of it. Not only is it informative and educational but it is also one of the most enjoyable and popular segments of the event.