What would MineVention be without the opportunity to play Minecraft? MineVention’s Free Play Minecraft area offers attendees the opportunity to experience Minecraft on a variety of devices, so whether you’re a PC lover or Xbox obsessed you can sample the different options and experience the full variety of Minecraft gamemodes including the multiplayer games such as Battle Mode and Glide!

The area supports family engagement and participation as siblings can play side by side on the multiple consoles, or maybe the kids can even teach Mum and Dad a thing or two about Minecraft and get them to play alongside them! As with the very nature of Minecraft – the possibilities are endless. Various consoles are networked so participants can play mini games against each other live at the event which is generally only reserved for online play but MineVention is bringing a whole new dimension to this aspect and encouraging attendees to participate in mini tournaments in the Free-Play area!

Playing Minecraft at the Free Play area provides a learning curve for participants and is intended no just to entertain but also to demonstrate the possibilities of play.