019 Location Announcement!



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2019 Location Announcement!

When MineVention began over four years ago the idea went from kitchen table to sell out events nationwide faster than you can say ‘Steve’s your uncle!’ Ok well maybe not that fast, but time has flown at MineVention HQ when we look back to when the very first event sold out overnight at 1,000 people to 2017 when we catered to a whopping 13,000 with every event selling out at capacity! We never expected the level of success that has come with the event, but over the years the growth and expansion of MineVention through the community spirit of Minecraft lovers attending the events has been incredible and inspiring!

The team behind MineVention have always recognised the importance of the community and, through hard work and dedication, have paved the way for an incredible achievement. The formation of Official Minecraft Community events, of which MineVention is one of only three, GLOBALLY! Not even globally but also in the whole UNIVERSE! And to infinity and beyond! Game developers Mojang and Microsoft awarded MineVention official status in 2017 and since then we have been working harder than ever to bring you more content, more of your favourite creators, bigger experiences and spectacular stage shows. All the while creating an environment that promotes a fun, engaging and memorable experience for everyone involved!

With the very first official community event in the RDS, Dublin already completed for 2018 the team have turned their attention to our events in Northern Ireland and England where attendees will get to see more of what MineVention has to offer! And it doesn’t stop there! The exciting news is that plans are already underway for 2019 and next year will see even more growth as we increase our locations across the UK to include Scotland and Wales! The expansion of MineVention means we get to include even more of the Minecraft community in our events and bring the experience to even more fans out there! Which, at the end of the day, is why we do what we do? So stay tuned Minecraft lovers because we are bringing you new locations, new content, and an even better experience for 2019! 6 events, 5 countries, all for the community! If you want to be the first to hear the latest news and info sign up to the newsletter here.