MineVention and MineVention Plus - the differences

Having provided entertainment for over 50,000 children over the past two years, MineVention is delighted to make this natural step forward by bringing MineVention Plus to fruition.

MineVention Plus is aimed at Gaming Families with a passion for the game Minecraft. MineVention is the only event which also caters for families whom have children with Sensory difficulties and are delighted to see Sensational Kids join them in providing areas within the event for them.

Attractions include:
• ‘Meet & Greet’ famous Minecraft YouTubers
• Challenge Stage with the YouTubers
• Build Battles Area
• Question & Answers talks with the Minecraft YouTubers
• Minecraft Area with PC's and Consoles
• Costume Contests

Only at MineVention Plus:
• Retro Gaming Area
• Panels with famous Minecraft Education creators
• Double Decker Gaming Bus, packed full of the latest games
• Virtual Reality featuring both Minecraft and other games
• Server Talks with Minecraft YouTubers
• Education Stage and Seminars for young and old
• and lots more...

The team and I have worked hard over the past two years by gathering feedback from all our events to bring you MineVention Plus! We have expanded our creative content so the entire family can benefit from the day. We are the only Family Friendly Minecraft Gaming Convention that focuses primarily on Minecraft but also provides fun for the entire family and provides for those with sensory difficulties. The age range of the children that generally come to our events is between 4-16yrs.
Lisa OBrien, Creator of MineVention
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