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Are your kids mad about Minecraft?
Do they love watching Minecraft on YouTube?
Then this Official Minecraft Community Event is perfect for you!

Scroll down to learn more!

Meet and Greets

Meet world-famous Minecraft YouTubers in the flesh, get their autograph and make sure you get a photo as well.

Free-Play Minecraft

Sit down and play Minecraft on our network of free-play stations. Whether you prefer Creative or Survival, you won't be disappointed.

Minecraft Tournaments

Feeling competitive? Take part in our regular Minecraft tournaments and possibly win a prize, or simply watch as the YouTubers battle it out!

Q&A Panels

Do you have a question you've always wanted to ask a YouTuber? Our Question and Answer sessions will have you covered.

Build Battles

Running all day in our dedicated zone, the MineVention Build Battles will satisfy the creative Minecraft fans out there!

Costume Contests

Dress up as your favourite YouTuber, Minecraft mob or animal and be in with a chance of winning some great prizes!

Official Merch

Along with a great selection of official merchandise, MineVention also has its own range of products for you to buy to remember your day!

On-Stage Challenges

Watch the YouTubers on-stage taking part in some crazy challenges, and maybe even take part yourself. Who knows, the YouTubers may just join you!

Lego Zone

Fancy letting your creativity flow in our Lego zone? Our huge selection of Lego bricks will give you the opportunity to make anything you can imagine!

Education Workshops

Sit down in our Education zone and listen as some of Microsoft's top Minecraft educators from around the world show you how Minecraft has reached the classroom.

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MineVention: Official Minecraft Community Event is not organised, managed or hosted by Mojang. O'Brien Event Management is operating this event on its own accord with no association to Mojang and is solely responsible for the planning, content, activities and programme. MINECRAFT® is a registered trademark of Mojang Synergies AB.

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